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The toll free telephone number to reverse mortgage helpdesk is 877-236-0566. Click the image above to call and get a quote on your own reverse mortgage. Find reliable HUD approved sources in your area that can offer Federally insured reverse mortgages. Senior citizens over the age of 62 qualify for reverse mortgages that enable homeowners to finance a home improvement, pay for healthcare expenses, pay off your current mortgage, or supplement their retirement income. Call the toll free telephone number above to speak with a qualified reverse mortgage specialist in your area. Not every reverse mortgage is the same so it’s ideal that you speak with a trained professional that can identify with your specific needs and mortgage. In a traditional mortgage you make payments to a bank or home mortgage lender. Using a Federally insured reverse mortgage you receive money from the mortgage provider every month that allows you to save money the way you want to. Keep your extra money from your reverse mortgage until you leave the house you are lending against. Calling the toll free telephone number above will allow you to negotiate a single-purpose reverse mortgage, federally insured reverse mortgage (also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages), and proprietary reverse mortgagees. Call the toll free telephone number above to learn more.

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