Jenny Craig Toll Free Telephone Number

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The toll free telephone number for Jenny Craig is 844-632-6617. Call the toll free telephone number and receive 50% off Jenny’s best program. You can receive $50 in great health food absolutely free. Jenny Craig provides easy weight loss for anyone. There is no cost or obligation to begin your Jenny Craig diet today. Call the telephone number to speak with a Jenny Craig diet expert now to begin losing weight and eating healthy. You can lose several pounds in your first few week of eating Jenny Craig’s healthy food. You won’t even notice that the food you’re eating is healthy. Diet without feeling like you are even dieting. Calling the toll free telephone number above will connect you to Jenny Craig dietary specialists who can determine the best program for your specific weight loss needs and recommend the best diet for you. Lose weight the easy way with Jenny Craig and regain your health and confidence when you lose weight. Begin a new and exciting weight loss regimen by contacting Jenny Craig today. You will be matched with your own personal dietary coordinator who will help you lose weight and plan your Jenny Craig diet.

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eFoods Direct Toll Free Telephone Number

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The toll free telephone number for eFoods Direct is 877-588-4723. eFoods Direct is a great provider of emergency storable food featuring a 15 year shelf life on pre made meals by eFoods Direct. All you need to do is add water to your eFoods Direct meal and it will begin cooking. Bulk food supplies are also available that enable clients to store foods for any natural emergency or time of disaster. eFoods Direct provides the most technologically advanced meals that offer a balanced nutrition and savory flavors for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The meals by eFoods Direct are so good you won’t believe that it’s food storage. You wouldn’t want to be in an emergency situation without a ration of sustainable food from eFoods Direct. Most food storage has a low nutrition and extremely short shelf-life. You don’t have to worry about your food spoiling with eFoods Direct pre made meals where you simply add water. Be ready for any emergency and any disaster with the right food storage for your specific needs. eFoods Direct has over a decade of experience in providing the most technologically advanced meals to survivalists and extreme outdoorsman.