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The toll free telephone number for Lexington Law is 888-796-3758. Contact a Lexington Law representative by dialing their telephone number toll free. New customers who speak with a Lexington Law debt consolidation expert can raise their FICO credit score easily.  Call toll free to start your debt consolidation and remove items from your credit score on a per item basis. Those without a good credit score can benefit from Lexington Law debt repair simply by calling their toll free telephone number. Change your eligibility by improving your credit score after speaking with Lexington Law at no cost or obligation. Debt consolidation is simple with Lexington Law and enables you to choose which items you want removed from your credit history. Once families gain an overwhelming amount of credit debt they are unable to live a certain quality of life. Enhance your credit score and eliminate debt by calling Lexington Law at their toll free telephone number. Make the most of your life with a good credit score by calling Lexington Law to remove items from your annual credit report. Discuss a credit repair action plan by calling Lexington Law toll free at their telephone number within the hours indicated below.

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