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The toll free telephone number for Intuit Full Service Payroll is 888-885-5008. Join America’s leader in payroll outsourcing with a free month trial. There is no obligation to begin taking advantage of Intuit’s full service payroll services immediately. Choose your level of involvement with the employee payroll tax process by speaking with a highly trained professional at Intuit. Decide with an Intuit full service payroll specialist how much employee payroll tax you want to manage in your business. Small business payroll outsourcing is a great way to focus on what needs to be done for your business without the headache of payroll taxes. Intuit guarantees that your employee’s payroll, paychecks and taxes are consistently correct each pay period or receive that month absolutely free. Verify your employees payroll taxes online with ePayroll services. Smart technologies will verify each employee’s individual paycheck and taxes online with an algorithm that can differentiate fluctuations in paychecks each payday. This additional process can catch potentially erroneous entries in hours, pay rates and taxes in the payroll process before checks are even sent. Subscribing to Intuit’s full service payroll program also gives your small business personal team of dedicated payroll outsourcing experts who will individually verify and process your employee payroll, paychecks, and taxes. Full service payroll with Intuit is flexible and saves hundreds of hours for business owners by automating the entire payroll process.

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