Dish Network Sales Toll Free Telephone Number

Call 877-918-3017 to contact Dish Network Sales at their toll free telephone number.
Click to call 877-918-3017 toll free & reach Dish Network Sales.

The toll free telephone number for Dish Network sales is 877-918-3017. Speak with the Dish Network sales team by calling the telephone number toll free. New subscribers to satellite television service through Dish Network will receive free equipment and installation. Hear the latest specials by calling Dish Network by phone. Satellite TV subscriptions are available starting at $19.99/mo and new customers will receive a $50 gift card for signing up. Get the latest premium HD channels through Dish Network and record them with The Hopper DVR. These upgrades are inclusive with Dish Network packages that are available now. Contact the telephone number above toll free to begin speaking with a Dish Network sales specialist toll free. Individuals seeking new satellite service can subscribe to Dish Network for no money down and receive free equipment and a $50 gift card. Start your satellite service with Dish Network today and receive a free premium movie channel 30-day pass. Get your free quote for Dish Network service when you contact the sales hotline. Enjoy premium upgrades and DVR options that are inclusive with new satellite television service. Speak with the Dish Network sales team now to get the latest discounts and specials available.

DISH Flex Pack: A TV Package to suit your needs! Start with 50+ popular channels. Want more? Add Channel Packs like Local, Variety, Kids, Action, and News. Don’t watch? Don’t pay. $39.99/mo. Includes first Channel Pack of your choice. Guaranteed for 2 years. Free Premium Channels for 3 months Free Standard Professional Installation Free HD for Life

Existing customers contact Dish Network customer service at 1 (800) 333-3474.


Hours of Operation: 24/7 Operation

Contact a Dish Network sales specialist in your local area by calling their toll free phone number. New customers can hear the latest specials and discounts provided by a Dish Network team member. Call toll free to get a quote on new satellite service from Dish Network at no cost or obligation.