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The toll free telephone number for is 877-217-2688. Speak with a specialist by dialing their telephone number toll free. Those with lower credit scores can enhance their overall FICO score on a per item basis. Pay for the items you want removed from your bad credit report, nothing else! Dial the toll free phone number for and speak with a professional legal specialist who can use proven methods to increase your credit score. Victims of identity theft are often left stranded with little to no solution for their bad credit score. Individuals at are available to evaluate your credit situation and offer available programs to increase your spending power. Contact a representative by telephone to hear their latest discounts and specials. Remove bad credit items from your annual credit report by speaking with a associate by phone. Concerned with your bad credit and don’t know how to increase it? Those with bad credit problems often have trouble establishing new lines of credit. Courteous and professional credit repair specialists are standing by to reduce and even remove bad credit items. Phone Number

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